The BSE is built on a unique plot of land that is allocated and specified for education projects, making it the ideal place for constructing the school.

BSE is designed in compliance with the BSF (British Schools for the Future) standards which are the British standards and specifications for schools. The BSE is a purpose-built state of the art campus. The furniture selected for The BSE is ergonomically and aesthetically designed in order to accommodate for all members of the school community: pupils, parents and staff.

The BSE campus comprises an Administration building, Foundation Stage building, Junior School building and a Senior School building. Our buildings are designed and custom-fitted for BSEians and adhere to all the health and safety building regulations and standards of England.

The school grounds are expertly designed to encompass the different sports fields necessary for the implementation of the National Curriculum for England- Physical Education Programme of Study.

The Administration Building

This section of the school contains the Managing Director’s office and all other administration offices: Finance, Business Development Administration as well as the principles office.

The Administration building also contains the school Theatre, proud to boast the talents and performances of pupils; the Sports Centre which consists of a swimming pool, a purpose-built gymnasium with adjoining changing rooms.

The Foundation Building

This part of The BSE consists of two levels. The building is triangular shaped housing the Foundation Stage: Pre Foundation (PRE-FS), Foundation 1 (F1) and Foundation 2 (F2) classes. Each class has an en-suite bathroom and private garden, equipped with child friendly and safe garden toys and climbing frames. In the heart of the Foundation Building is our Indoor Play Area. Our Atrium.

The Atrium acts as an under conservatory letting in.

The Junior & Senior School Assembly Halls are also housed in this building. The Junior and Senior School pupils regularly gather together in their respective Assembly Hall to share and develop a mutual understanding of good citizenship. At BSE our assemblies enrich the experiences of our pupils, developing their sense of belonging, as conscientious members of the BSE community.

The Foundation building also houses an ICT suite, a Foundation Library, Music and Drama rooms, as well as an Art Studio. We are looking forward to our pupils making use of the Home Economics Room which we are sure will witness their culinary successes and undesirable burnt cuisine!

The Junior & Senior School Buildings

The BSE Junior & Senior School buildings are three levelled L-shaped buildings. The Junior School building accommodates the classrooms of Key Stage One (KS1): Years 1 and 2 as well as Key Stage Two (KS2): Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. The Senior School building is also a three storey L-shaped building which houses Years 7, 8 and 9 (KS3) as well as Years of 10, 11 and 12 (KS4) classrooms, study rooms and two fully equipped common rooms for recreation.

Each classroom is equipped with state of the art interactive whiteboards as well as class based, internet connected computers that give pupils the opportunity to develop their research and technological skills across all subjects.

The Junior School are fortunate to have a General Science Laboratory all to themselves as this is regarded as an academic luxury for junior school pupils in a British international school. Moreover, the Senior School building accommodates for three science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In these laboratories our pupils have the opportunity to develop their scientific, investigative skills whilst on their journey to becoming exploratory scientists!

BSE Library

BSE Library shelves are bursting with books! Books written by authors from all around the world have been carefully selected, taking into account the various tastes and interests our pupils have. BSE has invested in a wide variety of books and encyclopaedias to instil the love of reading in pupils making it an enjoyable lifelong habit.

The Art, Music & Drama studios

The Art, Music & Drama studios are equipped with up to date mediums which allow pupils to develop their creative and imaginative skills, creating works of art, composing musical masterpieces and play roles in performances that inspire and marvel the BSE community.

Enclosed in each building are the school Cafeteria and Restaurants, offering pupils fresh, healthy, hot and cold meals and beverages. Each Cafeteria is at the heart of a sunken garden, where BSEians can enjoy meals outdoors if they wish.

The IT suites boast state of the art technologies allowing pupils to surf the internet in a safe and ethical manner. Pupils enjoy using latest, interactive, educational software programmes available from the UK which enhance their technical ICT skills as well as their lateral thinking skills.

Inside the school Staff Room, there are workstations for teachers to carry out their work: planning, designing and assessing pupil work. The Staff Room is equipped with computers and printers to facilitate their work. The adjacent Teacher Resource Room contains a wealth of teaching resources, books and manipulatives that can be used to enrich teaching and learning in the classroom. BSE staff can unwind in the Staff Lounge, where they can share those few moments of peace and quiet with their colleagues. The staff lounge is equipped with kitchenette facilities as well as comfortable seating areas.