The Arts

At BSE the arts are key facets of our educational experience. They are powerful, unique forms of creative expression, enriching our school culture. Through experiencing the arts our pupils widen their understanding and appreciation of cultural heritage and refine their aesthetic sensitivity to change the way they feel, think and act. Through the arts our aim is to extend and enrich other curriculum areas, inspiring our pupils to establish and achieve their unique sense of artistic fulfillment.

Some, pupils who are recognized by the school to be gifted and talented in one or more areas of the arts are encouraged to build on their talents and skills by attending extensive expert training. BSE establishes opportunities for these pupils to share their outstanding abilities with the school community, in addition to competing internationally with pupils across the world.

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Sports Development

The British School of Egypt proudly welcomes you to the next generation of physical education teaching: Sports Development. Executing the experience of trained sporting professionals we provide a broad and balanced PE framework that goes above and beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum. We instil in pupils the desire to live a healthy and active lifestyle, to choose a sporting discipline that they enjoy and are proactive in, to take part in department-organised sporting events and the ability to maximise their potential.

Through the effective use of the Sports Development Department’s gifted and talented programme we strive to take our young athletes to the next level. Whether from school based PE lessons into sports clubs or from scholarship programmes to international level, we use our international competition experience to put them on the right track and foster the intrinsic potential they possess.

Sports Development at BSE encourages pupils to collaborate and compete as individuals, groups and teams, developing awareness and knowledge of fair play, honest competition and good sportsmanship attributes. Pupils are taught to become aware of their own emotions as well as others when winning or losing. They are given the opportunity to support others, develop leadership skills and the experience of officiating.

“The next generation of physical education teaching…”

Through dance, invasion games, gymnastics, athletics outdoor adventure, swimming and water safety, pupils develop the knowledge skills and understanding to perform with increasing safety, autonomy, diversity, flair and professionalism. They begin to perform sporting tasks with competence and confidence and are consistently completing more complex tasks in a more accomplished manner. Our pupils take part in various sporting events, activities and competitions in preparation for working with and competing against children from local and international schools.

At BSE we have a wide and varied range of facilities and resources to support both the teaching and learning of the physical education curriculum. Through the use of after school clubs and extracurricular activities, we provide a range of sports for pupils to further develop their physical education skills. In lessons we maintain a heavy emphasis on physical fitness and emotional integrity to prepare pupils for their lifelong sporting endeavours. Pupils are also subjected to intense assessment routines to continually monitor progress and ensure consistent quality of teaching throughout the academic year.

Throughout the coming academic year we will make use of internal and external expertise in order to further develop knowledge skills. In any sport that your child chooses you can be assured that they will receive full support from BSE’s Sports Development Department.

Pupils at BSE are trained to :

  • Develop and explore their own physical development as well as that of others, and international sporting figures.
  • Explore co-ordination, fine motor skills and knowledge of their body in action.
  • Perfect movements and tactics with increasing control and co-ordination, improving the quality and control of their performance.
  • Analyse the performance of themselves and others, whilst confidently evaluating work.
  • Learn the benefits of regular exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and how to make informed choices in later life.
  • Gain an appreciation of games rules and regulations.
  • Learn to lead, work as an intrinsic member of a team, develop their own games and ideas and compete regularly in order to contribute to their lives and work in the future.
  • Recognise their own sporting competences and attended extensive expert training to further these abilities.

“Be assured that your child will receive full support from the Sports Development Department.”

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