Academic Year 2019 / 2020

Catering Services Department Policies and Procedures:

  • The BSE Restaurant offers a set menu that is changed every half term
  • The BSE Restaurant DOES NOT ACCEPT CASH SALES. This rule applies to pupils and members of staff
  • Hot Meals and Canteen items are bought in exchange for BSE coupons
  • Coupon Booklets cost L.E350. and include 10 coups X L.E 35. 
  • Various amount coupon Booklets cost L.E. 150 are used for canteen items and include coupons worth: , L.E. 1, L.E. 6, ,L.E. 8, L.E. 30
  • If you want your child to buy hot lunch or canteen items, please give him/her a coupon for the exact cost of the meal/canteen item you would like him/her to purchase.
  • Coupon Booklets can be used any day of the week not including weekends/school/public holidays 
  • Coupon Booklets expire on the last day of the academic year. Left over coupons cannot be carried over to the following academic year
  • Please write your child’s name, year group and class on the back of the coupon
  • For Foundation stage children, please include your choice of meal on the back of the coupon.

For further information and enquiries, please contact the Catering Services Coordinator: Ms. Hoda Wadie on 01090765640

Canteen Items


Caesar Salad L.E. 30

Tuna Salad L.E. 30

Cheese Salad L.E. 20


Chicken Pane L.E. 30

Shish Tawook L.E. 30

Grilled Chicken L.E. 30

Club Sandwich L.E. 30  

Crispy Chicken L.E. 30  

Shawerma Beef / Chicken L.E. 30  


Pasta (red/white sauce) L.E. 15

Bake Rolls L.E. 6

Sun Bites L.E. 6

Pop Corn L.E. 8

Croissant L.E 8

Pattee L.E. 8

Drinks & Desserts

Water L.E. 6

Juice L.E. 8

Juice (Pure) L.E 12 

Fresh Juice L.E. 15

Flavored Milk L.E. 8

Jelly L.E8

Waffles L.E.30

Please note that the Waffles & Crepe will be served onceper week on Thursday as a treat with chocolate syrup. 

Junior and Senior School Hot Meal Daily Menu – Term 1 

On a daily basis pasta with white and red sauce are also available. 

DayMeal Choice 1Meal Choice 2Desserts
  Sunday    Chicken Shawerma with Rice & Grilled Vegetables  Lasagne with Green Salad   Cupcake
  Monday  Chicken Negresco & Salad Grilled Meat ‘Kofta’ with Yellow Rice and Green Salad  Juice
  Tuesday    Shredded Chicken with Molokhia & Rice  Pasta Bolognese &Green Peas  Fresh Fruit
  Wednesday  Baked Chicken Nuggets with Pasta and Grilled VegetablesMinced Meat Zucchini Bechamel With Rice  Jelly
  Thursday    Pasta with Meat Balls & Grilled Vegetables     Minced Meat & grilled aubergine Moussaka  With Rice  Cupcake

Please note that this menu will be repeated throughout the First half term.

Kindly Note that the Junior School children are not allowed to bring cash to the school.

Senior school children can bring cash to buy their coupons in exchange for cafeteria items.