Can we do Edexcel in year 9 instead of Cambridge?

No you can’t.

What is the difference between Cambridge and Edexcel exams?

They are two of many exam boards recogonised in the UK at which they are the only two boards recogonised as National and International Examination Boards.

They determine their own Exam criteria, they guarantee a Quality Education, approved and recogonised certification by all universities worldwide.

What is the difference between AS and A level?

As Level is a qualification on its own, but it is also the first stage of A level. Basically AS level is in fact half of an A level course. The A Level consists of AS and A2 and its Highest score is A*. On the other hand the highest score for the AS Level is A.

Usually student study for the A Levels as they are strongly required by the universities.

Each university determines its requirements and student plans his/her AL subjects accordingly.

O level was one of the 2 sorts of exams that preceded GCSEs. They were aimed at kids near the top end of the ability range. In the late 1980s they were abolished in the UK, together with CSEs (which aimed at lower ability kids) and replaced by GCSES that were supposed to cater for the full range of pupils. However, O levels still exist, with syllabuses set up UK based exams boards and examined abroad. In part these are being replaced by IGCSEs.

What is extended subjects?

Extended Maths is the higher IGCSE course that will start at year 10, grades available A*- C

What is Core Subjects?

Core Subject is the first stage of IGCSE course that you study usually in year 9. Core subject is equivalent to UK GCSE (foundation). (Core Curriculum   Grades available (C-G)

What is IGCSE?

IGCSE is International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is recognised by schools, universities, and employers as equivalent to UK GCSE. You can find out more on or

How does The BSE involve me in my child’s education?

Involving you in your child’s education is vital. The process of education begins long before your child starts school and early learning experiences have helped your child to grow and develop their learning skills. Your child needs your encouragement and interest, as well as lots and lots of praise!! To encourage your involvement in establishing a home- school partnership we have developed the following avenues for you to communicate with staff members.

What are the school day timings?

The BSE punctuality is of great importance. It ensures that disturbance to your child’s education and other pupils’ education is minimised.

We encourage punctuality in order to develop your child’s organizational and time management skills. We encourage the importance of excellent punctuality and attendance by implementing the following:

Are there any safety & security procedures?

We are committed to ensuring a healthy and safe environment for The BSE community and visitors to the school. Security guards have been appointed throughout the school. Pupils are always supervised in the playground, in classrooms and laboratories. In the event of any emergency where the school must be evacuated we have an evacuation procedure that is carried out. All parents complete the evacuation card details and return these to school within the first week of school. As soon as your child begins attending school it is vital that you complete and return the school medical form which ensures that the medical department is well informed of your child’s health record. This information is kept strictly confidential and will only be given to staff members who absolutely need to know this information. This is in the interest of your child’s safety. It is your responsibility as a parent to update the information on this form by contacting the school. Apart from chronic illnesses like life threatening allergies, asthma and epilepsy, all medication should be given at home if possible. If there is a medical reason why your child requires medicine during the school day this medicine is administered by the medical department. Your child must not take medication unsupervised; therefore you must ensure that you notify your child’s teacher of the medication you have sent in with your child so that arrangements can be made with the medical department. If your child has diarrhoea, is vomiting and/or has an infectious illness such as chicken pox, please keep them at home until they recover, as this helps us prevent the spread of infection to other children in school. Throughout the year the medical department will be giving you regular advice and feedback regarding your child’s health.

What is the School’s Healthy Eating Policy?

We are committed to ensuring that your child consumes only food and beverage that are beneficial to their health, behaviour and learning.

The BSE is working in partnership with our catering provider. Our vision is to empower the community to live a healthier lifestyle.

At The BSE healthy eating is compulsory as it ultimately affects your child’s learning, overall health and results.

There is a menu that is available from the catering co- ordinator. You can purchase lunch meals for your child at the beginning of the term.

The BSE ensures that the meals that we provide your child are balanced and nutritious for their age. The catering request form can also be obtained from the Catering Coordinator.

If you will be providing your child with a packed lunch please ensure that your child’s name is clearly written on their lunch box. We would like you to provide food that is healthy and simple. Here are some helpful tips of

what we expect you to carry out when organising your child’s packed lunch.

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