The management and staff of The BSE are committed to establishing and maintaining a school which provides excellent human and physical resources.

The BSE admits pupils from Pre-Foundation through 6th Form. In our teaching we aim to enable each child to reach the attainment target level outlining the National Curriculum for England and Wales programme of study for all foundation and core subjects, as well as the Egyptian Ministry of Education Curriculum for Arabic, Religion & Social Studies.

All teaching staff are qualified on the basis of their education, skills, experience and training to teach the National Curriculum for England and Wales. Teachers will be given opportunities for continuous professional development that will ensure that they are kept abreast of the latest teaching research and practice.

The BSE is located on a purpose built facility with a design that has taken into account the education, social and recreational needs of the pupils. The teaching resources are the most up to date that are available at this time and will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure a high level of quality control.

We strive for continual improvement through the implementation, monitoring and achievement of educational and managerial quality objectives which are designed to enable the pupils to excel beyond the boundaries of excellence.

How does The BSE involve me in my child’s education?

Involving you in your child’s education is vital. The process of education begins long before your child starts school and early learning experiences have helped your child to grow and develop their learning skills. Your child needs your encouragement and interest, as well as lots and lots of praise!!