Working in Egypt experience

I moved to Egypt in November 2013. The weather, perfect job and opportunity to travel abroad attracted me. Since then I have not regretted it one bit. Adjusting to live in a different country was difficult for the first few months but the people I worked with were completely supportive and willing to help with anything I needed. The BSE advised me on what to do, where to go and how to find things. It was extra helpful to have 2 months accommodation money to enable me to find and pay for a place to stay, even if it was temporary. Even now, if I have a problem outside of school, I go directly to my line manager and he advises me and helps to me sort things out. Of course there is a language barrier, but I’ve found that learning only a few simple phrases and words can get me further that not knowing any Arabic. There are lots of hidden gems in the area and everything being so cheap compared to Britain is a massive bonus.

I originally planned to stay at The BSE for just one academic year, just to get some teaching experience. This is half way through my second year and I already know that I’ll be staying a third.

This is the start of my fourth year and I still love it as in every job, there are ups and downs, especially in my department where at certain times of the year I want to pull my hair out. My colleagues are invaluable, they encourage me to push myself and I am now confident enough to do new things, take extra responsibilities and not worry about how my concepts or ideas may be perceived. I can imagine that if I stay as happy and content as I am currently then I could be here for a while!

Louise Horton

Music Coordinator and Music Teacher


My love of Egypt began some years ago when I came on holiday to Luxor. Whilst I was here I took the opportunity to fly up to Cairo and see the pyramids; the only remaining wonder of the ancient world. This was the holiday of a lifetime! Little did I know from that first visit, that I would end up living and working here.

My opportunity to move to Egypt came when I was recommended for a job in Luxor, where I remained for several years before moving back to the UK to start a family.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have spent employed in Egypt and have found Egyptians-employers, colleagues and friends-to be warm, considerate and friendly people. The BSE is an exciting place to work as there is never a dull moment; life in Egypt is never boring! I am very happy here and hope to be able to continue working at the school for many years to come.

Jackie El Saadawy

Personal Assistant to the Managing Director.

Front Office & Staff Relations Manager.