At BSE, the Houses form a focus of school life in many ways: academic, social, sporting, leadership, responsibilities etc.

House Duty teams have responsibilities within The BSE and receive privileges for them. In addition each House will be choosing its own charity and co-ordinating fund raising efforts to Raise Money for that charity.
BSEians are identified by their house by wearing a House shirt at all house related events.
In school students earn House Points for particularly good pieces of work, high levels of effort, contribution to school life, helping others etc. These points all add up towards a cumulative House total and, at the end of the year, decide the outcome of the House Cup.


houses 4


The House of Compassion and Benevolence. 

Compassion for the distressed, for one another and for the less fortunate. The Windsor house shares and uses tradition, talents and time to wnrich the board experiences of others. A Windsor is determined to leave the world a better place and help all those who are in need.




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The House of Loyality and Bravery.

Loyality to your school, to your country and to your family and friends. The Buckingham house has an established code of ethics that braverly upholds a sense of what is right. A Buckinghamwill always stand by the side of what is just.





houses 2Balmoral:

The House of Faith and Enjoyment.

Faith in people, in your abilities, in your principles. The Balmoral House enjoys and appreciates life and others. A Balmoral is positive and grateful and will find or creat the extraordinary in any experience.





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The House of Respect and Eloquence.

Respect for yourself, for differences and for everyone. The Kensington house conducts itself with elegance and sophistication, resulting in the emergence of eager, enthusiastic and exceptional individuals.