The Physical Education Department at The British School of Egypt strives to offer pupils a rich, engaging and varied curriculum with a host of extracurricular activities both competitively and recreationally. The PE Department seeks to:

  1. Ingrain a culture of sport and healthy physical activity at the grassroots level by offering specialist physical education lessons from the early years’ foundation stage.
  2. Promote safe, enjoyable and healthy participation in a variety of sports and activities in which pupils continue to partake in later life.
  3. Develop the whole person by fostering a culture of sportsmanship, collaboration, teamwork and strong moral and ethical values.
  4. Foster a deep understanding of the abilities of self and others, ensuring a supportive, encouraging and reflective environment.
  5. Offer a rich and diverse educational and cultural experience that encompasses both international standards and respects local customs.


Physical education is a compulsory component of the British Curriculum in Key Stages 1 – 3. As such, pupils are assessed at the end of each module of work (normally at the end of each half term). Pupils are assessed on curriculum objectives in practical topics that assist in their development and will become useful in later life such as leadership, teamwork and an appreciation of the physiological changes during exercise and physical activity.

Your child’s Physical Education report is included in all reports provided by the school and will contain the level of your child at a specific point during the academic year as well as an overview of topics covered and their performance standards in those topics.

We are introducing GCSE PE for the first time during the academic year 2015/16 for pupils looking to further their knowledge and understanding of health and physical activity, and particularly for those looking to pursue careers in the field of physical education teaching and the sports sciences.

Healthy Eating

The PE department strongly advocates a balanced lifestyle that incorporates regular physical activity and predominantly fresh, healthy meals with plenty of water for hydration. We expect that all pupils who represent the school adhere to a healthy eating policy that outlines the expectations of gifted and talented pupils with regard to nutrition. At least one litre of clean drinking water must be brought to every lesson and regular drink breaks are incorporated into every lesson plan.


Motor skills are taught during the early years’ foundation stage in order to prepare our younger pupils for a healthy life of physical activity, participation in a variety or sports and an appreciation of the benefits of sport both recreationally and competitively. We also instil in pupils the discipline, respect teamwork and rules necessary for safe and fun participation.

Volleyball is taught to at key stage 3 and 4 during Term 1. Throughout the year, boys and girls teams will play in several friendly matches with other schools in preparation for national and international competition. We teach at all age groups above under 12 in order to discover and nurture the hidden talents of many of our pupils.

Football is a mainstay of Egypt’s cultural identity and is taught at all key stages throughout the year. We teach an appreciation of the sport as a recreational pastime, and develop our talented players through differentiation and extracurricular activities in order for both boys and girls to represent the school nationally and internationally. We are firm proponents of nurturing grassroots talent and as such were a positive force in adopting under 9 competition at the national level.

Basketball is taught during key stages 2-4 at the school. The gifted and talented program runs in term 2. Training is offered to boys and girls aged under 12 – under 18 and players at all levels will compete nationally and internationally. We have a highly successful developmental team that is open to outside academy players and those who are high ability in basketball in order to shape our future competitive teams.

Athletics is a major component of the PE scheme of work at the school and leads on to track and field activities in an extracurricular capacity for gifted and talented pupils. The athletics module also teaches pupils the core skills necessary for success in our annual athletics sports day – The Play-Offs.

Swimming is taught on campus in our state of the art, indoor heated 25m deck-level swimming pool. We offer swimming to pupils from key stage 2 to 4 as a valuable life skill that can be enjoyed with their families in later life. We encourage the uptake of swimming as a healthy, safe and enjoyable activity both recreationally and physically and as such we train a competitive swimming team that competes nationally and internationally from under 12 to under 18 age groups.

Cricket is taught during key stage 3 and 4 and we foster the same sporting and respectful culture that would be expected in the UK. We employ a range of techniques to teach effective ball handling skills, field positioning, offensive and defensive batting, brave wicket-keeping, leadership and officiating. We play quick cricket and the Twenty20 format as well as the traditional one day style in order to cultivate a variety of playing styles.

The Play-Offs

The annual athletics competition is a major event in the whole school calendar. Pupils prepare weeks in advance for the many athletic challenges that await them in areas such as throwing, jumping, sprinting and long distance running. The four school houses compete against each other with the goal of winning the Play-Offs Champions trophy. As well as the more traditional sports day events we have introduced Olympic style events such as the 4x100m relay and 200m hurdles.

Gifted and Talented Program

The school has a thriving sports program for pupils who are assessed as two levels or more above the British Curriculum average for their age group. These pupils are trained on-campus as well as developing their skills in outside academies and are selected to represent the school in various national and international competitions. As a coeducational school all of our sports programs cater to both genders throughout the year. For the academic year 2015/16 we are focussing on the following sports:

Physical-Education-Website-PDF-3Our teams compete nationally in the Cairo International School Sports Association (West) and internationally in the Middle Eastern Triangle Sports conference. We attend friendly fixtures as well as competitive tournaments in all the above sports, giving our pupils the opportunity to test their skills against high calibre opponents, understand other attitudes and cultures and travel internationally.


The Physical Education department has five members of staff, each with their own specialism, dedicated in their pursuit of increasing recreational participation in physical activity and fostering the skills and abilities of our gifted and talented pupils through hard work and perseverance.