Secondary School KS3

Secondary Welcome

The BSE is very proud of it’s Secondary School and the continued growth and development that it has experienced in recent years. The BSE Secondary School is an important part in the students growth and development into young adults.

The Secondary school consists of students in Year 7 to Year 12, all of whom have a contribution to make to the community and beyond. In KS3 at The British School Egypt, we welcome and value student opinions and guide students towards informed choices in a secure and caring environment.

We encourage the development of all students through high quality classroom experiences and the promotion of values, attitudes and attributes which will serve them in their daily lives inside and outside of school.

Our students are encouraged to seek out opportunities to present their own views and ideas clearly and concisely, through collaboration with their teachers and each other.

Students are encouraged to evaluate their contributions and develop awareness of society as a whole, whilst respecting the differences and similarities between cultures. Developing confidence in their knowledge, understanding and actions is a vital part of growing up. Our aim is to ensure that our students are creative, open minded, persevering and confident. All secondary students at The BSE study a broad and balanced curriculum that ensures the ‘whole person’ is supported and given the opportunity to excel.

Art, PE and Sport, Social & Emotional Learning and modern foreign languages are given equal time alongside the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, Humanities and MoE subjects, producing a curriculum and a programme of study that caters for all needs and specialisms. Student support is available through our Pastoral and Behaviour Department and students’ success is promoted through the internal rewards programme as well as in regular newsletters and assemblies.

Our IGCSE, AS & A level results reflect the hard work and perseverance of both students and teachers, and we take special pride in our students’ achievements as they continue their education at University.

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