Catering Services Department

Catering Services Department Policies and Procedure:


● enjoyable and designed to satisfy multiple nutritional needs
● made with fresh ingredients grounded in wellness to provide fuel for the day

Catering Services Department Policies and Procedure:
● The BSE Restaurant offers a set menu that is changed every term
● The BSE Restaurant DOES NOT ACCEPT CASH SALES. This rule applies
to pupils and members of staff.
● Hot Meals and Canteen items are bought using the SPARE cashless system.
● Credit should be loaded onto your child’s spare account to enable them to
purchase items using their SPARE bracelet or card
● The SPARE system will enable you as a parent to monitor exactly which
items your child is purchasing and to also set restrictions on their spending
each day, week or month.
● The SPARE accounts can be recharged online or via the school cashier.

● Parents of the Foundation stage children have the option of pre-ordering
their child’s meals for each day of the week on a weekly or monthly basis,
which will be delivered to the children in their classrooms at the appropriate
break times.

For further information and enquiries, please contact the Catering Services
Coordinator: Ms. Hoda Wadea on 01090765640