Executive Principal’s Message

A Warm Welcome


It is my pleasure to introduce The British School of Egypt to you and your family. This website is designed to provide you with a window into the learning community at our school, where we provide a rich and balanced educational programme that strives to exceed both pupil and parent goals and expectations.

The British curriculum in our international school is a benchmarked course of study proven around the world; its academic and cultural rigour challenges students to excel in both their studies and personal growth. Our students will be equipped with the 21st-century skills, and the attributes they need to embrace change and participate constructively in the global society of a rapidly changing world.

Our Mission?  

The BSE are committed to being a leading school with a positive and inclusive culture; highly respected internationally for innovation, progressive and personalised learning and a commitment to student and teacher excellence and well-being.


Our school is a community that works collaboratively, in a supportive and respectful atmosphere. Our families understand the high expectations that we have of our teachers and leaders and welcome our commitment to taking shared responsibility in ensuring their children will be cared for and will strive to fulfil their potential. We aspire to provide high quality education for all students, meaning it is essential to develop and maintain effective home-school partnerships. We do this by both informing and actively involving parents, students, and the wider community. By working in partnership, we can build the foundations for a strong and bright future for every student.We want our students, parents, staff and visitors to feel welcome – as if they were at home when at The BSE Fostering this sense of belonging and culture of kindness comes from hiring, training and retaining the right mix of people – people who are talented at what they do and are committed to developing a positive school climate that helps everyone make the most of our programmes. Please take the time to look around our website to find out more about our school. I understand people often communicate better in person so I also strongly encourage you to contact our office staff who can answer any questions you might have about our school.I look forward to meeting you in person.
Warm regards,

Mrs. Yasmin Tabram

Executive Principal