Extra-Curricular Activities


Extra-Curricular Activities

After School Activities at The BSE are a part of the wider Extra Curricular offering that we value and pride ourselves in offering. The ASA programme begins in the Autumn term and operates in blocks of five weeks. On each of the four nights we offer ASA’s we have over 200 students involved in a range of activities led by our Specialist Staff.

Each half term sees new blocks of activity that Parents can sign up for using the links sent to them each half term. Our ASA provision is offered to Pupils from Year 1 to Year 10. Our ASA’s are a combination of activities on site and also some organised by external providers, the range of activities covers Robotics, Cooking Climbing, Sports, Swimming, STEM, Fitness, Reading, Music, Dance, Fitness & Drama.

Alongside our ASA Programme we also have our School Sports Teams and Squad training. They are identified by the following Team Logos and train after school alongside our ASA Clubs. The B(ears) S(harks) and E(agles) Squads will compete against all schools throughout the year in matches, competitions and tournaments.

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