Extra-Curricular Activities


Extra-Curricular Activities

At the BSE we take pride in the rich and engaging school experience we offer our pupils. Our Extra-Curricular programme is a diverse and varied range of activities for all students in the Primary and Senior School and take place in the afternoons, after school three days a week.

All pupils are strongly encouraged to get involved in at least one ECA, and with so much on offer there really is something for everyone.  Parents and pupils have the opportunity to pick from a wide range of clubs and activities each term. Whether they choose to enjoy these enrichment activities during break times or as part of after-school sessions, our programme provides students with opportunities to develop their interests in fields such as sports, performing arts, visual arts, languages and literary arts, debating, cooking, science and technology to name but a few.

What Are the Benefits of Extracurricular Activities?

So what’s in it for you? You get to explore your physical, creative, social, political, and career interests with like-minded people.

You’ll find friends: Trying something different may bring you in contact with people you didn’t know who share your interests and curiosity.

Provides a competitive edge: Committing to activities outside of the classroom can give you an edge when applying for universities or employment.

After School Sports

Our school successfully competes in several sporting events. Training sessions equip students to compete in leagues against other schools and clubs in sports such as: Football, Basketball, Swimming and Volleyball.