Pastoral Department

Department Overview:

Our philosophy for Pastoral Care and Behaviour at the BSE:

Our Pastoral Care philosophy at the BSE is implemented through a school-wide approach to create the ethos of well-being that mediates engagement and improved academic and emotional welfare of BSEians.

It is emphasised in concepts such as nurturing, where healthy emotional development is pivotal to prevent barriers to learning. Our Pastoral Care interacts and works in line with different school policies such as Behaviour policies, Anti Bullying policies, Safeguarding policies and more. Pastoral Care can be considered as the mediator of relationships such as those between teachers and pupils at school, those between teachers and parents as well as relationships within the wider BSE community. It is an abstract quality which makes the BSE a community.

We strive to equip learners who will make meaningful and moral contributions to society in the future. Not only are we concerned with academia, but we are also concerned with educating the ‘whole student’ with a focus on emotional intelligence. We also strive to make students feel safe, important and valued.

We aim to support our philosophy through:

  • Applying school policies effectively and equally
  • Rewarding excellent behaviour and guiding and replacing negative behaviour
  • Promoting a healthy body
  • Increasing student intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Developing how pupils use their fundamental emotions
  • Developing an understanding of emotional intelligence
  • Acting as liaisons for home-school communication
  • Organising special events such as Anti-Bullying Week and community service


Pastoral & Behaviour Department general content

The Pastoral and Behaviour Department involves a set of programs and policies which aim to foster the individual needs of our students, where they may build healthy self-esteem and emotional awareness. We are concerned with developing students’ personal, physical, cognitive, socio-emotional and spiritual well-being.

The Secondary School

Our Positive Behaviour Management system includes a set of reward and consequence systems. Our reward systems are complimented by the use of individual and group House points systems. Pupil Houses serve to promote a sense of identity around the school. The House System is inclusive of all learners in different age groups and is related to Physical Education as well as other academic subjects. Our House System aims to promote belonging, integrity, pride, teamwork and peer learning.

The House System is complemented by the use of individual points and group points. House points are connected to rewards. They are gathered on a weekly basis (on Wednesdays). Each 15 House points that are earned give pupils a turn on our BSE Class Monopoly every Thursday. A student ‘lands’ on a specific area within the BSE Class Monopoly board and wins a certain prize. Prizes are universal and can be used across all subjects/lessons. This is done by the student gaining a Reward Pass and presenting it to their teacher in any lesson they prefer.

Further, other rewards include termly rewards. In Term 1, all Gold pupil names were placed in our “Going for Gold” prize draw. One student from each year group got a chance to win a 250 LE voucher for Virgin Megastores.

Furthermore, we conduct special Tea parties with students who achieved many Gold and Silver recognition in the presence of the Principal. In addition to implementing a reward system we also apply a consequence system. We seek opportunities for personal growth and development through reflection and consequences. Some consequences include After School Reflection time, and Isolated Reflection Time for more serious behaviours. Mindfulness reflection sessions are also in use this year. With the help of our qualified School Guidance Counselors, we conduct Positive Behaviour Mentoring sessions.

Skills Developed

Through the use of our Reward system, we promote encouragement, goal-oriented learning, self- esteem and good teamwork. Through the use of our consequence system, we promote self- reflection, learning from our mistakes as well as emotional regulation and awareness.


Pupils’ behaviour is monitored and assessed on a daily basis, lesson by lesson using our own Behaviour Tracking System which includes both positives and negatives. This is also implemented during our Distance Learning provision.


Our Pastoral & Behaviour team includes qualified School Counselors who also work as Positive Behaviour Mentors.

Mrs. Farah Samir (Head of Pastoral and Behaviour)

  • Ms. Nourhan Ayman (School Counselor)
  • Ms. Habiba Abouelmagd (School Counselor)
  • Mr. Mohamed Galal (School Counselor)

Contact number: 01064872226

Positive Behaviour for Learning