Key Stage 4 & 5

Welcome to Key Stage 4 & 5

Over the course of many years KS4 and 5 has expanded and improved. Since it has started, the number of students enrolled has increased as well as the variety of courses offered. Providing a high level of education, we aim to enhance students’ academic skills as well as strengthen their creative minds. Our main goal is to empower our students so they can achieve their full potential throughout their school life and IGCSEs.

We are a proud school as we celebrate our top of the world achievers; we are a proud school as we celebrate our talented students in expressive arts and in individual and group sports. KS4 are living up to their role as leaders of the school through initiating and implementing community outreach programmes and internal educational campaigns.

Curriculum Overview

At the British School of Egypt KS4, we provide a broad and thorough programme for children aged 14-18. Early on, each child studies a range of subjects that build upon their interests and develop their skills. Subsequently, students choose to specialise in subjects according to their strengths, interests and future aspirations.

During their last three years of School, from 10 to 12, students will be doing their IGCSEs. The school provides a variety of subjects from different Exam Boards.

  • In year 10, students study five subjects out of the eight IGCSEs they must
  • In year 11, students complete their eight IGCSEs and should start their A-levels by studying AS
  • In year 12, students complete their A-Level courses by studying the second component which is

IGCSE & A-Level Options Information

Year 9 into 10 Options Booklet
Year 10 – Options Seminar
10 into 11 and 12 Options Booklet
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